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Experience with complex research environments, for example oncology and rare disease

Specific areas within oncology/hematology as well as rare diseases continue to be therapeutic spaces with high unmet need. Companies who are aiming to take advantage of these opportunities face a number of challenges related to the narrow focus of their target market.

The value of new molecules has to be demonstrated to payers and public alike. Patient engagement is crucial. Marketing budgets are tight and efforts need to be highly targeted to key stakeholders. At the same time, molecules are complicated, patients require testing or safety monitoring, and the need to communicate features clearly is paramount.

Creative Research Designs is expert at helping you understand customer viewpoints and use this insight to design better strategies and tactics.
Delivering value to customers in the attention economy

Physicians' main priority is the care of patients. But pharmaceutical companies seek their attention with a multitude of communication offers from detailing to sponsored meetings to connection via social media and apps.

Similarly, B2B customers have a job to do. Answering feedback questions for products and services that they use is only of marginal interest to them. Yet B2B marketers are looking for ever deeper engagement.

What brings value to a customer? Does your product or service really move up in consideration through more marketing touchpoints?

Creative Research Designs can help you define the optimal message, in the optimal execution, for the optimal medium.  
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Improving experiences of users

Consumers of products and services often behave differently from what you would expect. Your instructions may or may not be followed. Technology may be used inconsistently, or in surprising ways. Why?

Because your product is only a small facet of a multi-faceted life. Consumers have a myriad of priorities, commitments, habits and beliefs that get in the way of using your device, your app, your product as intended.

User testing and research that is done in-house gets you only this far. Makers and marketers often have a hard time understanding that some people are not enthusiastic about their product, and may dismiss their opinions as irrelevant.

Creative Research Designs helps you improve your products and services through user insight, as well as identify opportunities in the wider market.

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Barbara McGrath, PhD

Twenty years in the market research and intelligence business are the foundation of my consulting and research practice. My experience includes working for multi-national research agencies,
boutique consultancies, client-side engagements and my own start-up business.

I am fluent in English, German and Russian, with a working knowledge of French. I have lived and worked across multiple countries. I have designed and executed complex and highly specialized studies both globally and locally. My research network spans over continents and major markets. I hold an MA and PhD in cultural anthropology. I deliver thorough analysis with clear recommendations.

Please contact me, if you are interested in a  chat and/or in engaging my services. Chats are free, and coffee is on me.

Areas of focus

Apart from healthcare, we have extensive experience with research projects in B2B, retail, telecommunications, technology, consumer goods, non-for-profit and public opinion.

We can also help you manage projects and relationships. ​We are able to get up to speed quickly and work seamlessly within your corporate culture with minimal supervision. We have experience in a variety of different environments, bringing a solid research foundation and strong client and vendor management skills to the table.

Please contact us for part-time or contract opportunities.

Past assignments

ATU/tracking and demand assessment studies (quant)

Segmentation studies and market sizing (quant)

Customer engagement research and VoC (quant and qual)

Pre/post campaign effectiveness studies (quant)

Qualitative research with integrated quantitative component (market assessment, input into forecasting and budget impact analysis)

Qualitative research (market landscaping, concept testing, advertising/message testing, advertising development)

Patient support program research (patients and nurses) 

Stakeholder anthropology and user experience research 

Digital ethnography

Digital trends evaluation

Desk research

Project and vendor management (client side)

Project and client management (agency side)

Research consulting